North Central Jersey District United Pentecostal Church International

Welcome to the North Central Jersey District UPCI

District Superintendent Ronald Ramsey

Welcome to North Central Jersey District. We are expecting God to great things among us and I ask that you pray for us as we launch forward to advance the Kingdom. During our 2019 District Conference We felt a tremendous break-through in the spirit and sense of new commitment among the brethren to move us into a higher dimension in Jesus Christ. Our NAM Director has a slogan which says “Eight is not enough”. With 9 million souls here in New Jersey that could not be more true.

I had the honor I had the honor of Preaching at Brother Leo Dante’s Church in Jersey City, church plant of Filipino descent, part of multicultural ministries where seven received the gift of the Holy Ghost of which four were visitors. This alone confirmed that we are on the right course. Most recently Brother Hendrick, District Secretary spent time with our brethren and sisters of Latino descent to discuss how to best meet their needs. We are blessed to have a district that is very diverse and gifted. Continue to pray for North Central Jersey District.

Ronald Ramsey a Visionary Leader with a passion to teach the scriptures brought forth New Life Tabernacle where he and his wife Dana Ramsey established in 1985. As a result of his dedication to the kingdom In South Jersey there are 5 UPCI churches and 1 independent church that are pastored by men and woman that have been a part of New Life Tabernacle.

District Secretary Kendall E. Hendrick

Welcome to North Central Jersey District. Thank you for visiting our site. I concur with our Superintendent and look forward to seeing what God will do in this part of the region. Please let us know how we may be of service.

Kendall Hendrick serves as the secretary of the North Central Jersey District. A native of Trenton New Jersey. He currently is in his fifth year as a Church Planter under NAM and has been with UPCI for 26 years. Through the years he served in local church in various capacities, culminating with fifteen years of urban evangelism, campus ministry, Sunday school, and bible quizzing.  He has also filled numerous district offices for the UPCI. He and his wife Sonia have three girls Imani, Azaria and Kendalyn.